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100DaysofHardware is a challenge I’m (@hinsencamp) going to take, starting today on 6th July 2020. You can join too!

The challenge is intended to improve my hardware and low-level programming skills by building circuits, create microcontroller- and IoT-projects. Most importantly, I’ll write guides how you can build those too.

Learn new skills

  • Soldering
  • Measuring voltage, current, resistance,
  • Using an oscilloscope
  • Reading schematics
  • have fun

build projects and dive into the hardware topics like electronics, microcontrollers or IoT

Think of this challenge as the next step in your tech journey, no matter what’s main area of expertise. I come from a web-dev background and enjoy the challenge of being exposed to details which normally are abstracted away form me.


  • Share your progress on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. ) using the #100DaysOfHardware hashtag
  • you can pick any starting point you like, no matter if you are total beginner (like me), intermediate or an expert already!

Rules for me

I’ve created some rules for myself:

  • 100 days translate into 20 weeks, as I am studying during the week only.
  • Every week I publish a guide about a project - so my progress help you to grow as well!

Of course everyone is welcomed to join the challenge alongside me! I’m going to be available on twitter, if you want to engage along the way.

One Challenge, Two ways to participate!

  • Join the full challenge, by committing on twitter to word on your hardware projects for a minimum of one hour every day.
  • Do the challenge in part-time and follow the project guides I publish every week.


If you like me to create any specific project and write about it, you can propose any project! Let’s see how creative you can get! 😄

And if you feel supportive, make sure you follow and support me on Twitter! Thank you! 🙏